Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Release me from the Dirt


What a place for dust and grime! Horrid!

Part of the main room now has a smaller shelf on the rad and the table has been switched to go lengthwise.

Once the couch is removed, the table will slide past the radiator and move at least a foot closer to the wall. At least, this is the plan.

The aquarium on the metal stand, far left, will move, stand and all, to in front of the window where it will join the other aquarium. The stand has three shelves and will allow available light to come from the window. There is a fire escape blocking most of the window. Perhaps I'll attach a long mirror to it and perhaps it will reflect more light into my naturally dark abode.

The Mariachis, below, are a bit cramped and I will be looking for a more roomy spot for them.

Mariachi band singing and playing their little guts out!

Came up with a fabulous idea for the bathroom.
Moved David who is not Michel-Ange as I mistakenly mentioned before, to the bathroom and tacked him below the "women at toilette" print.

The towel rack has been broken for years until today when I took a dowel-like curtain rod and adjusted it to go into the end of the holders. I anchored it with hot glue and then attached an oven rack to which I added S-hooks upon which I hung various necklaces. Presto! An attractive and useful way to keep jewellery. Above are the residual necklaces hung on key hooks to one side of the bath enclosure. Eat your little heart out, Martha Stewart.

I am a bit concerned about the couch. It is supposed to
be cut up tomorrow evening but if anything, it is worse
than yesterday. Where'd that huge box come from!