Friday, 7 February 2014

Be Your Own Fortune

Now if this isn't an idea whose time has come, a ceramic fortune cookie that comes with a couple blank slips and one can simply write whatever fortune they want. Given an endless supply of blank slips, one can have good fortune every day.

These large and rather fragile cocktail glasses were discovered today at a second-hand shop in
a small town outside of Ottawa. They are covered in grime and the labels are intact on two or three. Made in China by Roscher. Amazing that these made it from there and then sat for years unused only to be packaged up, carefully, no doubt, and
relegated to the person fortunate to find them in
all their grimy glory.

What a lovely accent to a china cabinet not to mention a decadent way to enjoy ice cream.

Watches are inevitably an item of loveliness in addition, of course, to utility. The bands are of interest but it's the faces that draw an artist's attention and intention.

These two will join a hundred others and one day, they will become art. Perhaps even a better way to put this is that art will become them.