Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mail Art Project Arrives in Germany

You may have noticed that there has been no comment for the past couple of days. This is because the power supply to my computer's modem gave up the ghost, leaving my system paralyzed. 
It took the better part of three days for a new part to be delivered. 
Lots to catch up on including this note from a participant/organizer of a Mail Art Project in Germany. 

On 24 April 2014 08:37, Ariane Handrock <handrock@kulturnetz; wrote:
Dear Ms. Mannion,

Today we have received your Mail Art postcard „The Courage To Say No To Computers“. Thank you very much. I have still the question, which technique did you use? I have to ask that question to every participant.

Thank you in advance, yours sincerely

Ariane Handrock  

Ariane Handrock
Kulturnetzwerk Neuk├Âlln - Team 48
Karl-Marx-Str 131
12043 Berlin
Tel: 030/6824 7840

Shannon Lee Mannion shannonleexmannion@

17:17 (4 hours ago)

to Ariane
Hello Ariane Handrock, 

I am so glad my card made it to you. 

I am a multi-media artist so I used paint and a keyboard which I sprayed with black acrylic.

The blood was a mixture of red house paint and, believe it or not, transmission fluid. If you've ever seen a car transmission leak onto a driveway, it looks like your car is hemorrhaging. 
I got the hatchet from my garage. It was all rusty and a great prop.

Thank-you for doing this show in Germany. Berlin is at the top of my list to visit….some day. I have always loved what I know about this city. 

Meanwhile, here in Canada, our Conservative government has raised the cost of a stamp to such ludicrous heights, I may have to curtail my postcard activities. It now costs $2.50 to mail a postcard to Europe or anywhere international. 

Hope your Courage show is fabulous!

Cheers, Shannon 
in Ottawa, ON Canada