Monday, 26 May 2014

Day of Regret

A day of regret. An hour was spent burning a life-time of photos, most taken of people and a variety of vehicles when I was an automotive writer.

I inevitably took photos of my interview subjects and always had doubles printed. Some I gave to the vehicle owner but many were simply tucked away in the inimitable purple envelopes.

Part of the winter was spent going through thousands of photos and pulling out the best and then marrying them with each article. This left four green plastic garbage bags full of discarded photos.

Unlike the Internet where everything ever posted is still there, with photos of cars in front of homes with addresses, with people in them and license plates in full view, although I would have dearly loved to have contacted each person and asked them if they would like the photos, these photos dated from the late-nineties and who knows where each individual is currently.

So it was with regret that I burned a thousand memories this afternoon.