Saturday, 8 May 2010


Have you been to a bingo parlour where rows upon rows of men and women sit with an array of bingo daubers and other paraphernalia at the ready, their ears pricked to the sound of scores of balls roiling about in the wire cage as the crier feverishly cranks the handle?

Where patrons mutter, "Mon Dieu, vache," under their breath and mooch one another's snacks?

Not to be missed.

Who could have known that those daubers contain a fluid that stains what it touches? I am sure that this is what they are using to indicate who has voted in whatever election where they think people will be tempted to vote multiple times. Sticks to metal, too, as seen on this hub cap.

It's just the neatest stuff! Comes in neon, too.

Thank-you, Shannon Lee