Monday, 5 July 2010

Details for Le Weekend

This board is almost done. Just needs to be secured, all the car and trucks, in their spots. I wonder if other artists have doubts when it comes time to setting things in stone. Oil painters can paint over, I suppose, as can water colourists. And I suppose glue or cement will come up if it needs to.

Much experimentation with this board, trips to and fro, working out what Godard was saying in his 1967 film, Le Weekend aka Weekend.

The board was immersed in a pit of fire and fished out when it started to melt. A torch is useless for melting boards but fire, it works real good, as we say in the backwoods of Kentucky and Carleton Place.

The quick study part came when perfect model cars and trucks were put on the board and I realized that this could not be. Hence the melt-down of several toys on the fire escape. A great deal more heat than that emitted by a heat gun would be needed to melt the metal but the plastic bits disfigured nicely.

I am so glad to not be a little boy who thinks that Dinky Toys are to be cosseted, placed on shelves to be admired and not played with.

Have a wonderful day on the playground!


Shannon Lee