Thursday, 1 July 2010

Prop Me Up

The computer may be back in action but I am on a roll and continue to work on various projects.

Props to go on the variously coloured boards, the colours of the Seven Deadly Sins, and yes, I now have light blue, are accumulating.

I like this see-through horse for Pride. There's something absolutely regal about it.

And in thinking about how to show Greed, I have glued poker chips around the base of the yellow-painted keyboard and along with these accoutrements to gambling, I have a wonderful  miniature Bingo cage that goes along with the whole idea of getting something for nothing, which to me, is the epitome of avarice.

When thinking about Lust, I was going to go the multiple condom route and still might but in a discussion with a friend this afternoon, we decided that lasciviousness could no doubt be shown using a couple of Barbie-type dolls. There's one here that is quite satyr-like, maybe not with the mauve head gear but once his hair is painted dark and he is given a goatee, he'll look like Mephistopheles.

I shall continue to look for props to illustrate Envy, Anger, Sloth and Gluttony.

Thank-you for taking time to pop by.

Shannon Lee