Monday, 23 August 2010

Addendum to Copper Art

It appears that the copper roof pieces will be used as a backdrop for an ornament design. The desired format is circular, 2.5 inches with a 1/8 inch border. Not sure how I can incorporate Quirky B elements.

Here are some of the details:

Example of what an ornament might look like.
Christmas Ornament Design Contest                       
Calling all artists and want-to-be artists in the Ontario area!
(Contest is not open to residents of Quebec)

Christmas Exchange, Arc Industries and the Ottawa School of Art have united in an exciting Christmas Ornament Design Contest. This Christmas Ornament Design Contest is your chance to use your art and design skills to create an original, unique design for a Christmas ornament which may be reproduced and sold by Christmas Exchange to raise funds for families in need during the holiday season. The final product will be made of pewter, with a backing of copper that originally covered the roofs of Canada’s Parliament Buildings from 1918 to 1996. The winning designs may also used for other promotional purposes.

Top Prize - $100 cash, with two Honorable Mentions of $25 cash each.
Online electronic submissions may be submitted in high resolution PDF, JPEG or GIF format at or emailed to with subject line “Ornament Design Contest”.

Please retain the original hard copy in case it is needed.

Will give due consideration.

Shannon Lee