Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Marathon of Art

With the next show starting on Friday and set-up being tomorrow, it was time to actually finalize the three pieces that are expected.

This is a triptych made from salvaged frames and keys pried from a number of keyboards. Click on the image to bring it full-size to your screen. You should be able to read the words then. 

And then there's this one with the frames. I was going to do doll's heads but it seemed to be overly complicated when what I want to show is our common birth then an obscured frame and finally, a mirror in which you can see a reflected face. Your face? Alzheimer's Disease can affect anyone.

 And finally, an idea that came this evening while watching several Mad Max movies. No connection, I'm sure, but perhaps the death and destruction which tied my guts in knots, inspired me to tie knots in computer cords.

By tomorrow evening, what you see below will be turned into art.

The tangled cords represent the plaque and tangled, looped-in-on-themselves, neuron forests in the brain of someone who has Alzheimer's.

Thank-you for remembering to remember.

Shannon Lee