Tuesday, 30 November 2010

All Packed up and Ready to Go...and No Show!

Eight boards to a plastic carry-all.
Rough work for Pop Art sign.
 How does this happen?

You spend weeks preparing for a show, a show which was set up a year ago, and in ten minutes, it evaporates?

I'd spoken to three different people over the past month and everything seemed set.

In seeing the venue, as indicated in an earlier blog, the space was less-than-optimal--in a remote corner with poor lighting and no security. I'm certain that framed art is a little less accessible to theft that what a keyboard is. At eight inches by 30 inches, they fit into a shopping bag or even a large purse.

In speaking with one of the librarians about security and lighting, she became agitated, said that they were not an art gallery, in response to my query about additional lighting, and said that if I were worried about damage, I probably wasn't a good fit. I asked her why she was discouraging me from participating, suggesting that perhaps she had someone else in mind for the space.

Several times, I said that I was fine with giving it a shot and would be there Thursday morning at 10:00 to hang the boards. There would be no help forthcoming from the library staff, I was told. This was fine, I could manage myself or with a friend.

When I mentioned that I'd been in contact with the Stittsville News community newspaper and that someone was going to be coming at noon on Thursday to do a story, she seemed taken-aback.

The upshot of all this is that she essentially told me that I was not suitable and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said, "No, you're not," and hung up on me.

I shall try to speak to someone else at the library tomorrow and offer a smaller version of the show I was going to bring, maybe just FAITH, HOPE and LOVE, along with the POP ART sign. If I can get JOY made, I will put up the four and it will have a Christmas-type meaning. I can hang these signs high enough so that children won't be touching them although under a bulkhead that cuts off light, they will not show well.

POP and ART together, at last.
With black added as a background, letters pop out. There is more work to do on this board and whether or not it gets used in a show at the Stittsville Library, I'll have it for when I next 
need it.