Sunday, 28 November 2010

Selecting Art for the Stittsville Show

Any of these three are game for the show.
 Not sure how many boards to bring on Wednesday to the Stittsville Library but possibly twenty to thirty.

Some of the boards are meant to hang on a wall but others, they are shelf models and sit flat, as the original board was meant to do.

Flower Power is a good selection as are any of the molten wax boards.

Had to do some repair on this board. Check key, upper left.

You can see below that this Tims board is is a shelf model. 

Perfect perspective.

This board won't be on display. Children, you know.

Above, it is leaning up against the microwave oven and you can see that it isn't making much sense. 

However, if you were to put it flat on the table, you'd be better able to see what it's about. Best, however, is to have a two to three inch raise and the perspective is perfect.