Saturday, 9 April 2011

Other People's Art from the Vernissage

Thursday evening at the grand opening of Porn is Not Art, there was a steady stream of people from 6:00 pm on to view a show which was eclectic and in its own way, charming.

Some artists chose to handle the topic with humour, notably, the two women in an installation piece who camped-it-up as suburban housewives from the fifties, white gloves and all.

Artists showing their work in this show include:
Lily Butter, Christopher Lea Dunning, Michelle Gates (painting from the United Kingdom), Mathieu Laca, Michèle LeCourtois, Patrick John Mills, Luc Pigeault, Zaneta Pernicova, Dawn Sandey, Komi Seshie, Locrin Stewart, Bruce Stewart, Roy Whiddon, Lorena Ziraldo