Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Social Media, What's it all About, Alfie?

Everyone's trying to get listened to. We all want recognition, acknowledgement.

In as many months, I went to my second "using social media" seminar/workshop and was gratified to learn one new thing per event.

However, spending several hours going over the same old, same old, is not a good use of time and for the amount of information passed on, there must be better ways of finding out how to best "get connected."

Driving traffic to one's website, Face book entries or blog is what we're all after, especially if we are trying to inform, educate, entertain or just plain old connect. The upshot of these information sessions seems to be that one has to leverage one medium in conjunction with another so that exponentially, each to each, commerce increases.

I give a great big, I dunno, to this.