Sunday, 17 July 2011

Andy, Andy, Andy

                     (Ken Heyman)
              (Amy Massarelli)
Andy Warhol, ne Warhola, was kind of a cheeky baby and not much changed as he grew older.

In Bob Colacello's 1990 kiss-and-tell-all book, Holy Terror, Andy Warhol Close Up,  it was easy, no doubt, to bring it all up since AW had been dead for three years before the book was published.

Just under 100 pages into the book and I'm not sure that AW is someone who'd be included on my dinner party guest list. He seems shallow, conceited and dull, at this point, 1971. I suppose he has almost 20 years to buck up and I have 400 more pages to change my mind.

Lurid mauve cover under with embossed title discovered under jacket.