Friday, 15 July 2011

Warholian Wishes

Andy Warhol, my mentor and inspiration.

While out today, came across a new used/rare book store at 640 Somerset St. West in Ottawa's China Town. This is directly across from the Mekong Restaurant.

The store's name is Bibliocracy and it has a neat sign which I'll photograph and post.

Discovered a book by Vanity Fair's Bob Colacello and had to get it.

I noticed that the store has paintings on the wall and asked about these. The store's owner, Vaughn MacDonald, said that they invite artists to put up work for a month at a time. I immediately suggested that I decorate their walls with Quirky B's. He said yes and I'll be hanging perhaps ten boards for the month of August.

I should like to complete the board, Watch Me, as I believe I made a pact late last year with myself. No outdoor shows this year, just galleries and walls.  I am thinking about next year's pact now.

The caption on this photo is Mop Art.