Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Quirky B's on Display at Gypsy & Co. in Ottawa

Just around the corner, a few steps in from Elgin Street, at 209 Gilmour Street, is a newly opened boutique specializing in vintage clothing and accessories by the name of Gypsy & Co. There are three if not more parts to this company including Aunt Olive and her vegan treats along with a young man who runs The Record Shaap downstairs. New vinyl only, thank-you very much.

At Gypsy and Co, there is a wide variety of homemade and off-the-rack clothing, shoes, jewelry, sun glasses and other charming items perfect for gift-giving.

Racks of vintage clothing are set off by Quirky B's and art by two other artists, Patrick Greene, upper left, also from the Patrick John Mills Gallery, and Ms. Helvetica, above middle, a punk/pop artist.