Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Art of Giving Opens on Thursday

 The Art of Giving Show opens at Patrick John Mills Gallery on Thursday, December 1/11.

Several Word-Boards were scheduled and these made it, although I have no idea where Play has got to.

Given gracious help to make a frame and grid, The Marilyn Suite is on display and since there was a strip up the left that seemed to beg for decoration, six more boards were hung

The art is different for this show, not just mine, but there are artists showing who've never participated before. And then there are the regular artists, some of whom are in evidence while others are AWOL for this show, perhaps one of the most important ones of the year because it is for this month alone that the gallery owner, John Patrick Mills, says thank-you to his artists by giving to them, 100% of the payment for any art that sells.

The grid made upon which to hang The Marilyns

Final display