Monday, 30 January 2012

Welsh Ephemera

Poetry, mainly, not art but isn't writing poetry an art?

These garment catalogues, dating from the early 1900's were turned into scrap books, probably by a teenager, a teen living in Utica, NY. I believe that it may have been a young girl who compiled many newspaper clippings from the '20's, much of it poetry copied from Welsh language newspapers which were prevalent in the northern United States at this time. Chicago had a large Welsh population as did many smaller centres in the northern region of New York State. Utica was one, Clayton, another.

I made a pilgrimage this eve to a meeting of the Welsh Society of Ottawa, taking with me these catalogues for members' perusal. I should like someone working in Welsh, perhaps a graduate student in linguistics or Anthropology or cultural whatever to make use of these books in their studies. Or perhaps a welsh society or Taffia as some are rather affectionately called, to translate the poetry.

Who knows, perhaps the poetry within is by a poet as yet to be discovered by Wales.