Sunday, 12 February 2012

How's the Science Project Coming Along?

Glad you asked. Word on the street says that Lee Valley Tools  here in Ottawa have the cat's meow when it comes time to ice candle makers. But no matter how little their item costs, what we're talking about here is freezing water with an indentation. How difficult can this be?

I think it's the weighing down of the insert that's befuddling me. However, hit on a solution when ML suggested using a metal container/cup to hold the spot. Using a glass bottle was unsafe and the plastic ones melted when boiling water was used to extricate them. And they have indentations on their bottoms that grab the ice. Not really useable.

Fortunately, I had a stainless steel cup and filling it with glass pieces, one could use stones or pieces of metal, something/anything to hold it down, the water freezes around it and if water is then poured into the metal cup, whatever the weights are, thaws, can then be emptied out and boiling water added. The cup comes out easily. And it's deep enough. Too shallow an indentation has been a concern.

These contraptions are needed for Tuesday eve so I should get a few more fashioned. There's probably ten done now.

Crazy, really, when you think about it.