Sunday, 1 April 2012

Creating New Work

Good news for everyone who has chaffed with print-making and the ins and outs of framing. Creation of Quirky B's has been slack for many weeks, OK, months, but with the One Night Stand at La Petite More next Saturday, April 7, I'd like to show some boards the ideas for which have been percolating in my head for-seemingly-ever.

Here is one idea. The Cradle Board.  Not saying it's Navajo or Cheyenne but I certainly looked at many photos of papooses before embarking on this particular board.

Wish I'd taken photos along the way but with the show less than a week from today, I was cyclonic in this undertaking and am on to the next board already.

Actually, here is a  photo of another doll I considered but discarded when it was pointed out that this particular doll "looks too old" to be in a cradle board. 

Below, several of the SCULZ  which will be at La Petite Mort. There are several SCULZ already there and these five, along with ten more, will join them.