Friday, 25 May 2012

What DOES the F8 Key Do?

  • I looked for an answer to that burning question and  here's what I turned up.

    Hitting F8 during system start up at the right time will bring you to a page where you can access windows in safe mode.
  • The F8 button on the keyboard is your ticket to another dimension my friend...Have a seat and let me tell you about this trip that is full of mystery and danger.

    The F8 button was first created by a man named Zimm, as a device to launch certain windows when pressed. Unfortunately, A dark sorcerer, creator of the F9 button, saw that Zimms F8 button was getting way more attention then his own wonderful button that when pressed did.... ummm.... something..... Anyway, the dark sorcerer got really angry with Zimm and turned his button into a portal into a distant reality that was way different from our own. Not many people that wondered into this reality have ever returned. The ones that have returned however are never the same, the only thing they think about is returning to this place, this reality. They say it is the best place in the world. If you ever ask them what was so great about it, they don't remember. But they waste the rest of their lives away, talking like deranged madmen, about how great this place really was.

    So, now you know the truth of the F8 button. Use caution my friend, That button you press may just be your last!

  • To drive us slowly mad by having people ask inane questions about it.
    It's a communist conspiracy, I tell you!!!!

  • Usually to enter the bios or to enter the safe mode but this works only at the starting of windows.