Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bird. Coup. Fly.

Yup, best laid plans netted no art accomplished today. Really wanted to but no-go.
Had an accomplished day nonetheless.

A few are aware that there are some municipal problems being visited by the City of Ottawa on Patrick John Mills Gallery. People from the neighbourhood have complained saying that the gallery is a commercial business and not home-based and therefore should be paying much higher taxes. Profit margin is so slight at present, paying more in taxes could scupper the gallery.

Additionally, despite the weekend event being polite and no noise after 11:00 pm, I think the new stage has scarred people into complaining when there really isn't much need to have don so. Yes there is a loss of parking perhaps twice a month and yes, there is one loud party once a month for roughly six months. But apart from this, there need  not be complaints.

I'll try for more information.