Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Bed/Sit, A Garage Installation

Working on an empty garage, creating a bed/sitting room or a bed/sit. Shades of Tracey Emin without the pong and used condoms. (See My Bed, below.)

 This time will forever be known as, "The Summer of the Bed/Sit".

Certainly taking shape after a whirlwind afternoon of sweeping and rearranging furniture. And thank-you, Ro, for your help.

The Shop Rider won't be a permanent fixture. It's parked in this garage temporarily and will move to the garage beside.
Everything in the Bed/Sit was found along the way.
What way, you ask? Along city streets wherever people put things they do not want. Even the electric, four-wheeled Shop Rider was a garage sale item.

A dining table is slated to be installed tomorrow and the Shannikin Manikin will revel in new clothing come Saturday. She'll be more sporty/casual in her attire.

There is a good selection of the signs I made for individual shows at the Patrick John Mills Gallery on the walls of the Bed/Sit and The SCULZ will take their place on the mantle shortly. I have no idea what that hubcap is doing on the wall beside Our Father/Progenitor.

What's missing is a floor lamp. Must find a floor lamp tomorrow.