Sunday, 15 July 2012

Pointing and Shooting

I'm using a different Kodak point 'n shoot camera after the shutter button failed on the 10 mega pixel M1033 I've been using for the past year or so. I must confess, my  poor cameras do get a daily workout and it tells on them. The current one is called The Slice and I'm getting used to it. It has a touch screen instead of toggles and buttons. 

I think I liked the toggles and buttons for ease of use. But I am getting used to this one and snapped wildly away at a birthday party this afternoon, capturing a two-year-old with some balloons.

The other two photos are of my eyes and I am gratified that both eyes look the same when in reality, each eye usually looks as if it belongs on an entirely different face.

Even so, the pupil on the left is not centred and you can see a difference in the eyelids and the epicanthus.

The best photo I took today. You can't go wrong with kids and balloons.