Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Rainy Art-less Day

Rain as an excuse? I know, lame.

However, part of the rainy day was spent in the Bed/Sit, which for those who are just tuning in is the bed sitting room installation fashioned in a doorless garage. It's the wooden walls and ceiling that give the room its charm. And it is a room as it no longer qualifies as a garage, not with carpeting, a table that sits eight, a burgundy leather La-Z-Boy style couch and a fire place. It's fake but it looks real.

Vintage fan on table
New additions include a low white French Provincial table. The mirror that covers the top is cracked but otherwise, it's a fine little table.

There are curtains, white Ikea ones but they aren't up as yet.

Also, as a crowd-pleaser, there is an electric variable-speed Acuvibe shiatsu foot massager which I was given and had planned to use as a vibrating platform to mix cans of paint. Turns out it's too much fun as a foot massager. I try to get in two 15 minute sessions each day. If I need to mix some paint, I set a can between my feet. Works great! We may have to rename the Bed/Sit, the Bed/Sit/Spa

Item image
This Acuvibe's for sale on e-Bay for $79.00.