Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pink Slip Pinata Damaged by Vandals

There are problems in paradise and I don't mean the fact that I've been email-less for more than a week.

When I went outside last evening, someone had put bags of garbage and two over-flowing recycle boxes right up against the Pink Slip Pinata.With garbage pick-up early in the morning, I think they were hoping that the truck would pick up the art installation along with the house refuse.

Today, things stepped up and someone toppled the Pink Slip Pinata, hoofed it over so that it lay straddling the curb, half on the sidewalk and half on the lawn. This happened roughly late-afternoon. My neighbour alerted me to the problem at around 5:30 pm and when I saw the structure laying on its side, my first thought was to right it, which I did with the help of two passersby. I did not take photos which I should have. I have, of course, informed the police. ( Police case number 12-297200)

Fortunately, the pinata portion was in the garage.
There is some damage but not as much as there would have been had the actual pinata portion been sitting atop the eight-foot wooden structure. I'd removed it and tucked it into the garage so protect it from rain and also, to forestall any vandalism. I had been leaving it on the front porch but with the situation given rise to the other day, I thought better of it. I think the blue waterproof tarps which were in place helped alleviate potential destruction.

Most of the signs, held loosely in place by roofing nails, were knocked off and one of the keyboards into which the pink slips were glued was damaged. There was minor damage done to the two new signs below that were created specially for yesterday's television interview. 

Three things occur to me:

1. Someone dislikes the message about the egregious cuts to the Federal Civil Service

2. Someone is taken aback by the actual art installation or

3. Someone wanted to destroy my efforts and make me feel bad.

Pathetic, really.