Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Signs Alive Alive-o

Fashioned a few signs today and nailed them to posts using roofing nails. Given the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, gusting winds and wet weather, I also covered the signed with thin plastic so that they are more durable. Thought best to push Costume Party aspect what with this being the week of Halloween.

One disappointing thing today. I went to Cafe Michel-Ange and asked when they'd like me to bring in my art. On Friday, I was informed, and then it has to come down the same night.

I was flabbergasted. This was not the original arrangement. I had planned on hanging the art tomorrow and leaving it there for most of November. This was the arrangement I thought I'd made a month ago, one that I'd been counting on. It's not as if they forgot that this was planned. I've visited the cafe at least three times in the past two weeks and recently brought in a couple of the SCULZ to ask if there'd be a spot to set them. I was told someone else made the decision about Halloween decorations and they'd get back to me. Of course, I heard nothing. It's been a devil-of-a-time getting them to put up posters and they had to be badgered into listing Driftin' Doug and the band on their website.

The problem with this is that I am left feeling empty. Plans had been made. I've written about putting up art at this location several times on this blog and on Twitter but I cannot mount a show for one day and neither can Steve, my co-show artist friend. I don't know if the woman with whom I made the arrangements misunderstood or what the story is but is is disappointing.

Meanwhile, I have directional signs that'll go up Friday and I plan on creating a sign for in front that touts Doug and the other musicians. This is a large item with a frame. Light to carry, however. It was windy out today but balmy and I had planned on working on my back landing so had it secured to the clothesline and sitting on a kitchen chair. Maybe tomorrow will be just as warm.