Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Road Trip

It's a small art thing but I did paint this numerical sign on a cedar panel, in fact, painted two. Without numerous "sign" painting endeavours behind me, I would not have put brush to wood. And the numerals are fixed to the wood with fluorescent paint.

 On a bit of a road trip today, came across an abandoned sugar shack in the middle of nowhere. There were some discarded items which may have been deemed not useful due to a high lead content in solder that may have been used before silver solder became de rigeur. Not sure. The shack was well constructed with a cement floor and tin roof. There is no evidence of weathering, per se, and the structure appeared to be quite sound.

Interestingly, there was no large stand of maple trees to be seen. In a pile of detritus to one side, there was a Beatty bowl, the kind used to water horses. Perhaps the former sugar bush manager drove his team further afield.

Interior of sugar shack.

Moss-covered roots spreading from an oak tree.