Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Things We Find

 While on a bit of a walk today, I came across an interesting array of framed prints and, well not sure what the other was but they were framed well.

Those, I'll write about tomorrow but for this evening, I'll talk about one of the prints. There are two, both number three of a run of seven. One is hanging in the garage at present as I could not carry both at once.

The curious thing about these lovely prints is how proficiently they've been done and although they've had 41years of, I would venture to say, not exceptional treatment, the frame and glare-free glass have done their job and protected  the print as well as can be. There is some water damage on the mat...actually, there are two mats, as if someone cut the first incorrectly and then decided to overlap it with the next one.

The written details were not viewable on one of the prints which is why I took it apart. I was hoping that the signature would be clearer but I am having problems making it out.

Since the prints are of St. Andrews United Church in Williamstown, about 60 miles east of Ottawa, I figure that if the church does not have one each of the remaining six prints, then they might want to have these ones. Perhaps the artist was a parishioner four decades ago or maybe a family member donated these to the church and, somehow, they went missing.

I have made the offer to the minister at St. Andrews and mentioned that I'd be happy to speak with the church archivists. If not for hanging in the church or in the minister's officer, then perhaps for use in the church hall.

I would love to hang items such as this in my apartment but I have zilch wall space. Alas.