Monday, 13 May 2013

Finishing Touches

Made good headway today adding some finishing touches and the silver rim all the way round. This is a nice finishing touch.

Still have the protective sealant. I'm experimenting with a variety of varnishes in satin and gloss finish.

Interestingly, someone saw the bass-case and thought it was glass. Stained glass? Not sure.

Meanwhile, below, still the problem with focus.
The two small photos are better with the one on the right showing small white caps if you click on it to make it larger. I do not know what the camera was picking up. The other photo was very dark but lightened up nicely to show the best detail yet.

One thing I thought about today was what to call these decorated guitar cases. Just can't call them that. It is descriptive but it is boring. And it makes it seem like I've applied wall paper or Mactac.

What do you think of the name: