Sunday, 19 May 2013

Long Weekend Sunday

 What a find! Now anyone can grow their own boyfriend. Not for children under three, it says. And for less than $2.00, I'd say that this is a bargain!

And the best part is the promise of "true love in 72 hours." Priceless!

Sounds good in French, too.
Faites pousser un copain.
This is a mystery ring, small, to fit the pinkie of a not-large woman. It looks like a school ring, perhaps a nursing school as the stylized lamp at top is similar to the one Florence Nightingale is ofter pictured with.

The script along both sides is Latin, Docendo Discimus, By Teaching, We Learn.

Or perhaps it's a ring from a teacher's college.

Has anyone seen anything such as this ring among jewelry inherited from their parents or grandparents?

To the right is a tiny pin, as small as a well-clipped finger
nail on a woman's little finger. Really tiny, understated.

This pin is not available at the campus store at Houghton College which is a Christian liberals arts college located in the Genesee Valley in SW NewYork State so it is probably from an earlier time.

The super-script reads, Founded on the Rock.
Somehow, I do not think that this means Newfoundland.

Below, compare the size of the pin to a friction clutch that goes on the back of a pierced earring. You know how small these are!

This is a pin that was overlooked in a jumble of castoffs.
I doubt if anyone will know whose it was and how it came to be in Ottawa, Canada. Perhaps it should return stateside where someone from the school will appreciate it.