Tuesday, 28 May 2013

On the Case

With a few bold strokes, my large acoustic guitar case started on its transformation.

You may recall that there was an abortive attempt last week to do this case in which a base coat of Gesso was determined to be not useful so amendments were made and today was for starting over.

Midway, the green is, well, too green and there is too much black showing. There isn't enough blue.

However, later the case took shape.
The ones below are already in shape although shooting inside with a flash does not show them to best benefit. The one on the bottom was done last year while sitting on the tailgate of a Dodge and painting into the sunlight as early, and subsequently, late shadows played on the driveway.

To the right, a detail of the body of the case. Tomorrow, will try for less bold strokes and for an overall shimmer of subtle colour. 

Below is the wrecked guitar I use as a test to see what adheres and what doesn't. On a hard varnished surface, it is difficult to find that which can be applied that will not come off easily. Even with sanding the finish, to ostensibly give more purchase, it doesn't work. Perhaps it's a question of a good sealant but this is hard to do without adding too much extra weight. 

People ask about the durability of Guitar Art and I counter with, nothing is permanent, nothing lasts forever, it will age as the case would have aged without it.