Friday, 10 May 2013

This 'n That for a Friday

If the object swathed in plastic wrap is not readily apparent, it is a new hard shell case for an electric guitar. I do not have an electric guitar, not one that would fit in that case, that is.

This new case is going to be dressed up, that is, made into art, similar to the case on the left, and then will be raffled at an upcoming Bob Dylan/Phil Ochs extravaganza that is taking place at the Carleton Tavern in Ottawa on Wednesday, May 22, 2013.

This is a benefit concert for the Somerset West Community Health Centre and will feature Jerry Golland and Tower of Song, Jesse Greene, Driftin' Doug and many other fine musicians.

Meanwhile, as promised last evening, here are some photos of the more recent bird item. It looks like a house but it is actually a feeder, a much sun-faded feeder.

This is a largish item with a strong hanger and for awhile, I thought that I would have to make a piece to cover the hole in the roof where the seed is added. However, in a miraculous recovery, the roof was discovered and reunited with this metal structure. There is a quaint weather vane in the shape of a Cardinal on top. So much thought goes into the fabrication of these novelty albeit useful items.

Below, in the wheelbarrow, is a plastic planter for pimento or hot chilli plants that I purchased at a Dollar Store for $2.00.
Hardly anything costs a buck at the Dollar Store any more.

This planter comes collapsed and as one fills it with earth, there are holes, the green circles, where a plant's roots are positioned and then more earth added. What this does is it forces the plant to hang upside-down. This was a craze for tomato plants awhile back. Since it appears to be perfect for vines, along with four pepper plants, I planted a couple Swedish ivy vines and an English ivy.