Friday, 19 July 2013

They Had Been Happy

Not sure of the date but probably late-forties or early fifties if the style of
Helen's dress is any indication. Helen died in 1968.
The Geisels or Seusses, whatever name you'd like to use. Helen was a boon to Theodor. It was she who established the quirky, galloping cadence of his early work, the trochaic pentameter, when he complained of the sound of the ship's engine, they were on their way back from Oxford, and she suggested he incorporate it into his prose.

And as she wrote in her suicide note, she knew not what to do with herself after Ted walked away from the ill and desperately unhappy Helen and into the arms of the sophomoric Audrey Stone Dimond.

Even in her suicidal misery, she had the presence to remind Ted to think of the good times and fun that they'd had. She wrote, wistfully, no doubt, "Sometimes think of the fun we had all thru the years ..."