Monday, 19 August 2013

Experiments Continue

Working on a small, interestingly-shaped case. It's in relatively rough condition so experimenting on it isn't too risky.

Started by nailing and gluing bits of the interior. I guess guitarist simply threw their picks and capos into the small box area. Unlike modern cases, there is no top although it may have gone missing. Haven't seen a top in one of these cases yet and there are four or five on-site.

Using the new clear fixative, I am attempting to put a sequined ribbon around the outer edge. Either it'll hold or the clothes pins will be glued in place and then the whole thing will be a disaster.

Sometimes, ideas fall short of execution.

Looks good but might not be workable.
Regarding that new clear coat. It appears to do a similar job but it flattens in drying so many coats would be needed. It takes glitter well, especially when the glitter is added over top and not the other way around. Might be better for paper than material. I am hoping to use it with sequins