Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday, Slow Sunday

What started as a slow Sunday picked up just before dusk when another coat of blue was
applied to the Ottawa Hospice guitar case. Coming along nicely. Still looking for a way to beautify the red flocking inside. It'll  happen.

Meanwhile, a fluke. I tried out a new fixative which looks similar to the Envirotec which is very good and also very expensive. Takes a long time drying and many coats to get the coverage I need. I am hopeful that a small test bottle I came across over the weekend of a one-solution laminate might be up to snuff. Right now, the other clear coat is a two-mix process and there's an odour which, while not
acetone, may not be as healthy as what it could be. And when mixing it for three minutes, there are tiny bubbles that float from the container into the air. I suspect that these bubbles are a possible cause of a die-off in my aquarium since I thought nothing of mixing the solution in the same room and not thinking where these bubbles might land.

So big experiment here. The morning will tell if I can change brands. Below, the larger splotch, on the right, is the new stuff. It beads up nicely and seems to suck in on itself, good when one does not want it dripping over edges. Whether or not it dries hard and permanent, this will be known tomorrow.

It is going to be fabulous if this new product works. As long as it won't lift and is durable, I will try it on a guitar case this week and see  how it does.
Left, the practice board where Envirotec was tested several months ago to see what it would cover and how it would look. I was very pleased with the results.

For today's test, along the right, there's a bit of shiny ribbon, some sequins, glitter and material.

The smaller photo shows a test using fine glitter. On the left, the liquid was poured over some glitter and on the right, glitter was sprinkled over a drop.