Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Just Say NO to Condos

Concerns abound in downtown cores as developers gleefully take over every vacant lot and in some situations, they tear down viable houses and put up multiple-dwelling buildings in their places. This, on quiet residential streets blocks from main drags.

And what for? So that some can make off like bandits to the bank, laughing all the way.

It's not funny for we who live in the downtown core. You never get to know your neighbours when they live 15 stories in the air.

Here's what happened across the street from where I live when a condo was constructed two years ago.
Two brothers lost their income property and six tenants were given two days to move after the property was condemned. A business on the other side of the condo endured structural damage and is now closed for three months while a wall is rebuilt. None of this was anticipated but now, when pile-driving commences, it should be expected.