Friday, 9 August 2013

Que Sera l'Art

This Montana starter guitar didn't come in the case with the red lining but it does fit. I want to show the interior of the case that is going to be used for the charity art show entry. I have researched and there are fabric sprays that will take care of the imperfections and I glued some of the red felt into place today.

This small guitar, bigger than the First Act instruments I have been practicing on but smaller than a full-sized guitar, looked good in the bright light of day yesterday so I have no excuses for not realizing how rough shape it's in.

The Montana came in this nylon case. 

I would have bought the guitar no matter because it was very cheap, nevertheless I should have realized that it had a crack at the spot where the neck joins the body, that someone has MacGyvered one of the tuning pegs using a nut, screw and lock washer, and the bridge is lifting, not to mention problems with the neck.

Just a little wreck-of-a-thing but watch what it will become.

A test for a properly seated bridge. If a piece of paper will

tuck under it,  just say no.