Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It's a Doll's World

Well might you ask, what is this doll doing here?  I can't say too much artistic about her but I did repair her dress which required much needle-work. 
And I washed her as she was mighty dirty, her soft vinyl body covered in fingerprints and such. 

This doll has been in my possession for several years, not from childhood, by any means. I do wonder why I neglected to prettify her. 
She's about 28" with blue glass eyes that open and shut. She has eyelashes! I am not sure the pearls around her neck were part of her originally. This might have been a bracelet someone put on and never took off. 

The dress appears to be homemade, two layers, fake silk underneath and a silvery lace overlay, finished   with a white velvet sash. She has white cotton underwear, red painted finger nails and no shoes.

Her name is Kas for Kassandra.