Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What about Art?

I don't know what to say. Art today took on a practical stance as a bright blue tarp was unfurled and spread on a leaky garage roof. Was more of a job than was thought. Two of us made the best of something that should not be necessary were the landlord at all concerned for tenant well-being.

The large tabby, Frank, in the window, supervised the knotting of a marvellous hunk of rope that will allow easy access (something to grab on to) up a ladder to the top bunk and thence to the window in order to monitor the situation in the garage area.

I took this photo of my van parked beneath the window and behind the house because if I am alerted to thieves, I may want to take a photo of them in case the police are not here pronto. There are many problems with theft from vehicles and theft of vehicles in Ottawa, be it urban or rural, thieves are making off like bandits, so to speak.

I am so tired of being robbed.