Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Cry for Help for Canada Post

Mail Art Projects are such a grand idea. By the end of the week, Hungary should be receiving my card regarding 1914 and the man who devised the tri-light traffic signal, so that there's the yellow light that affords time between stopping and going, and also, Garrett Morgan invented a safety hood very similar to a basic gas mask, and he accidentally found a solution that straightens hair. All of this, coming out of Cleveland, Ohio in 1914.

For the Please Post  Mail Art Project, some people in Windsor, Ontario, have put out an all points bulletin to encourage people to send a card or perhaps several, to One Ten Park: A Working Space.
The deadline is far off, September, but I had an idea so jumped on it and completed the first of what I hope will be many cards.

On the right is  the rough work, on the vertical. Felt I needed the space.

The final product in on brown cardboard, thicker than Bristol board.
I hope people get the message:

                                    Door to Door
                           Hand to Hand
                           Heart to Heart
On the left is the back or business side of the post card. I have since corrected the address to say
One Ten Park. So easy to make a mistake.

Below is a full-sized poster that will go somewhere. Maybe on the outside of my garage. Maybe in front of my house, joining the bright pink sign in the window of a house up the street that says, We Support our Postal Workers.

Looked too bare so added some expired Canadian stamps I had laying about. 
Much improved.