Sunday, 16 March 2014

Books on the Run

Back today to the small house with the huge ball of blue twine in the front yard. It's the same house with the drive-by library. I had a bag of unusable books with white or black spines, including a first edition of Fanny Hill in an unattractive brown, which I deposited while filling my bag with colourful spines. Got a bright pink so now am on the hunt for more pink. I also need more orange and yellow spines books.

Can you see the bright pink book standing out on the shelf second from the top?

In a bid to be supportive of the people a block up
the street from me who have a bright pink sign in their window supporting Canada Post door to door delivery, with the encouragement of my fave postie, we tacked the sign I made last evening to my front door. I think the mail deliverer tomorrow will be chuffed and will spread the word that there is public support despite what the Harper government says.