Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fifty Dollars Richer

No doubt but this was a slog; a great deal of work went into getting everything together and then standing around for five hours to make $50.

The up-side, much stuff went and much stuff got donated to the community centre. And I bought three foot lights for illuminating my guitar cases for the next show. These are heavy pot lights and will be fabulous for this app.

Met some lovely people there today, too.

Not a loss, really.

Took in a memorial on the way home. Former associate died a pauper and was to be buried in a pauper's grave but people he knew have come forward and are arranging for a regular, some may say, real funeral. Seeing as how he died in early February and is still on ice at the funeral parlour and will be there for a few more months, this is what one might call a recovery.

Grand to see musicians come out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and share their talent.

Kevin Dooley, MC and progenitor
of the event.