Sunday, 30 May 2010

Art in the Park in Stittsville, ON 2010

The Quirky B's have been Outed!

This was the first time these boards have been seen in public and the public acclaimed them! People were fascinated, mesmerized. Children were drawn to the colours and textures, not to mention the gum balls that are part of Pink Collar Jungle.

Several friends popped by and one suggested for the next show, which is five days away, that I be sure and have names on the boards and I agree, seeing the name helps in the understanding of each individual board.

Most of the artists in the park had racks upon which their art hung and cunning gazebos for protection from sun and, perish the thought, rain.  I could see that this is no small-time thing with most of them.

I'll be preparing for the New Art Festival in Central Park over the next week and will provide ongoing coverage on the Quirky B's and their arrival on Ottawa's art scene.

Thank-you to the many patrons who've made this possible.

Shannon Lee