Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ideas are bursting forth and I hardly have time to eat and sleep. Of course, I am excited as Sunday, May 30, is the Artists/Authors in the Park event in Stittsville, ON, just on the outskirts of Ottawa. The show runs from noon to 5:00 with music and authors reading from their books.

I removed the seats from my Dodge Caravan and spent several hours today loading tables, display racks, chairs, a cooler or two, plus shelves and racks to hold the Quirky B's. Some of the boards do not stack so well so they have to be transported sitting on a shelf, as they do in real life.

And next week is my second show, a two-day one in the centre of Ottawa in Central Park in the Glebe. It is called the New Art Festival, formerly, Art in the Park. It is a well-known show and many people go to see and buy art. I plan to have 20 to 30 Quirky B's decorated in melted wax and other things for sale. There won't be anything for sale tomorrow, not intentionally for sale, that is, as I am still thinking that the best way to share the Quirky B's is photographing them and making posters, like the Doors of London and the Windows of Thailand, etc. 

While waiting at the train station last evening, I had time to think about what I might want to do that is different from what I have been doing with the boards. I have some plans for the keys I pry off  the boards and took some time to spray hundreds different colours. You can see where I used the back step of the fire escape
again, leaving what are reminiscent of snow shoe indentations.

I'm not going to give away what my plan is. Suffice to say, you'll
be delighted, and more than once, as I have numerous amazing ideas.

Thank-you for being present. 

Shannon Lee