Wednesday, 5 May 2010


As expressed earlier, there are situations arising where the so-called canvass let go of the so-called art. I am experimenting with various fixatives. However, another idea is to create collages of the various boards using a variety of coloured and then printing posters.

This idea arises out of the "Doors of ....." series that was so popular a few years back. There is the "Windows of ....." series, too. Many people bought these posters, framed them and hung them in sunny spots in their hallways, kitchens and dining rooms.

Is it any wonder that I see the Quirky B's in poster form similar to these?

As you can see from the 8 X 10 inch collage I made at a photo kiosk, the boards photograph fabulously. Hang one of these in poster format and you will be given to endless speculation
about how it was done, what does it mean, why do I like it so much.

You'll find yourself thinking about possibilities never before imagined.

Art does this to you.

Below: Detail of Monkey Business.

Sadly, some marauding ants ate the sugar strawberries and then some miscreant raccoons ate the candy bananas when I put the board outside to get rid of the ants.

sign me, Shannon Lee chastened by nature