Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Name Plates

I am not sure where the idea came from to pry up keys and reposition them but it works. Not as simple as it looks as there is nothing parallel about how the keys clip to the board and spacing is problematical. And only five, six letters, max, work. The tall letters work best.

ACT, A Community Talks. Monthly grass-roots forum for social justice advocates.

GOR + MAR, a bean-counter's name in coffee beans.

FAMIE, for a kind neighbour who needed some kindness in return.

The door at the top of the long stairwell beckons with a cheery, HELLO.

HODGE, for Donny Hodge, best mechanic in town., where computers and technology join the recycling set. Three boards spell out the company name.

LEO '40 For dear Nicaraguan friend who was celebrating 40 years in Canada.

D & M Ranch. Beads and wax.

There are more Name Plates. Please return to view them.

Thank-you, Shannon Lee