Sunday, 27 January 2013


            This is not how I feel this eve. 

I spent most of the weekend trying to get material to Light Space & Time online gallery but every aspect defeated me. 

It is difficult to take photos of the Quirky B's because of their oblong shape. No borders or frames were stipulations for submissions to the All Women Art Competition, the deadline of which is midnight tonight. Twenty minutes. I just have no more ideas. 

I decided that the boards weren't going to work so I'd send photography instead. All grist for this online gallery mill. However, the online submission form was impossible to manage. I could not figure out how to label photos and then I thought I'd try anyways and send the descriptions subsequently in an email, hoping that they'd understand, but the captcha or whatever they call it, didn't work so I could not get to the PayPal part of the exercise which meant I could not send the photos I wanted. Ya, I was willing to pay to play, something that is anathema to me but thought I'd invest $20 in my future.