Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Signs of Spring

The Mondrian Case is back and shortly, the case propping it up will become light, bright and fantastical.

The sign of spring here is that more art work will take place...imminently.

Meanwhile, in the back yard, the Bow Chicka Wow Wow sign is out, holding court on an easel
I was happy to procure through FreeCycle. Heavy that it is, I was able to walk it home, resting every block or so.

Someone wanted to buy this sign and I am happy that I did not sell it. It is one of numerous that I made, a different one each month to welcome patrons to the Patrick John Mills Gallery.  This particular sign was for one of the racey, sexy shows. I took the idea from the Urban Dictionary which provided this meaning:

bow chica bow bow 

This defines the sound of the music track in a porno film as things are heating up. Think: Wah-wah.
At the party she asked me if I wanted to go outside to check out the grounds. She gave me that look and.... bow chica bow bow...

And finally, a photo of a baby squirrel, probably a few weeks old. There are nests of these blind, deaf, and hairless rodents in trees across Canada, soon to be unleashed on hysterical dogs, disregarding cats and agitated gardeners.