Friday, 18 October 2013

Re: Cycling the Greed Cycle

Isn't it amazing how when you watch National Geographic specials on TV, kids in Africa are dressed in clothing from Sears and Walmart? I suppose Africa might say, thank-you Canadian Textile Recycling.

Check out the prices below and, in particular, note the subtitle, the part about "discerning buyers". Is Value Village one of these buyers or are they the competition. Or do they buy from this company? If so, look at the prices for baled clothing and then recall how expensive things are at Value Village.

And below, what do they mean when they say, credential clothing? Is this what those ugly green boxes on vacant lots are about? People give because they think it's going to do some good and what they're really doing is helping some people become rich.

It's a wonder that no one's looked into this racket.

(Photo, video and legend removed. You are welcome to Google this company and draw your own conclusions.)

Quality Used Clothing and ShoesCanadian Textile Recycling Limited pride ourselves on providing first quality used clothing. As we are predominantly sorting credential (curbside collected) clothing, our quality is always our strong point in every market and with all our customers. We work continuously with customers to refine the quality of the grades required market to market. Over the past 25 years we have developed relationships which have lasted as long , due to the quality of our reliable merchandise.

Listed below is our pricing and packaging per container.

In order to make selection and know maximum quanties available per order  download the price lists bellow.
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We supply special order mixed items upon request. All packing is custom. We can bale any size form 100, 121,130,150,170,180,200 and 1000 pound bales. As well we can bale pieces in small bales 50,100,150,200 and 700 pieces in large bales.